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A mosaic of wood fitted and glued into a wooden support popular in 15th century Italy for decoration; also: the art or process of making such work.


Intarsia can be painting with wood. Different colors, shades and textures of wood are used to create wonderful works of art.


Intarsia Wood Art is an ancient inlay wood art that has recently been revived. It traces its roots to the 13th Century in Italy, where

Domenico di Nicolo meticulously carved different woods and inserted one piece next to the other.

He used wedges of cork to keep the work in place to make beautiful pictures.

All pieces have a variety of different woods – not painted woods.  Some of the woods are only available in places like Brazil and other foreign countries.  


These pieces are individually cut, sanded and then glued in place.  All of these works are unique, not mass manufactured patterns.  Some have been taken from photos and made into the pattern for this project.  They are truly unique works of art.